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The Howrea blockchain is a De-centralized peer-to-peer, Proof of stake blockchain network by the Howrea Nation. The governance is geared towards eliminating, fraud, fund loss, security of investment, dump management and geared towards the growth of the Howrea nation. This blockchain is backed by many awesome projects and initiative.
For more info check out our Whitepaper

The SHEER coin

The SHEER coin is the base currency of the blockchain for governance, gas fees, Tx Processing and staking etc.

The SHEERF Token

The SHEERF token is a funding token deployed on Binance Smart Chain Network for funding purposes, the SHEERF token would be used as our initial funding token for bootstrapping our genesis block for the main network. The token would be tradable on a P2P bases before the hosting of the main blockchain network. On Hosting the main network all SHEERF asset holders would have their assets migrated to our main network and also available on top exchanges for trading.

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Our Mission

To foster financial and economical growth using de-centralized finance and the creation of progressive infrastructures / enterprises

Our Vision

To create a virtual & Physical economy powered by digital finance / banking


Dec 23, 2021
Phase 1
Jan 9, 2022
Phase 2
Mar 9, 2022
Phase 3
Idea Inception

The Team

Collin Powell

Collin Powell

CEO / Founder


Community Manager

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